Today in the city North Valley 24.05.2017
Nick Viall, Who Doesn't Want To Be Famous, Wants Us To Look At Him More, Please

When you're reading this, remember that Nick Viall doesn't want to be famous.Don't worry, if you forget we'll helpfully remind you. Viall, who's been on The Bachelorette, The Bachelor, Bachelor in Par...

Trump zou het een eer vinden de Noord-Koreaanse dictator Kim Jong-un te ontmoeten

"De meeste politici zouden dat nooit zeggen, maar ik wel onder de juiste voorwaarden. We hebben breaking news." Het bericht Trump zou het een eer vinden de Noord-Koreaanse dictator Kim Jong-un te ontm...

What War Would Look Like With North Korea

Many analysts say the possibility of a clash is improbable, but relations are on a fine line. That raises the question: What would war with a nuclear-powered North Korea even look like?

Asian Leaders Are Drawn Into U.S. Push on North Korea

President Donald Trump invited leaders of Thailand, Singapore and Philippines to the White House in outreach that could help build cooperation in Southeast Asia against North Korea.

Some North Carolina Residents Complain Property Value Jump

Some North Carolina residents are complaining about property values after an equestrian center was created near their homes.

Why North Korea Cannot Have Nuclear Weapons, But Japan And South Korea Should

The U.S., Japan and South Korea support democracy, human rights, international law, and environmental sustainability. North Korea violates these core values so cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons....

Could North Korea actually sink an American aircraft carrier?

Building advanced military technology in the 21st century is hard and expensive. Case in point: America is spending $1 trillion — or more, depending on how you do the math — on the F-35 Joint Strike F...

This Democratic congressman is worried North Korea might smuggle nukes to America inside bales of weed

In the U.S. House of Representatives, Democratic Rep. Brad Sherman represents a western portion of the San Fernando Valley, which is located in Southern California. This is important, because you may...

Here's how Richard could build his 'new internet' on 'Silicon Valley'

"You've got unlimited time and resources, you can build anything in the world you want with your compression — anything at all, what's it gonna be... 3... 2... 1... go!" shouts billionaire douch...

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